The Stigma of Being a Female Stripper

The stigma of being a female stripper

You see female strippers dance on a pole and tease guests at strip clubs or any private event. Men see them make some sexy moves and serve them up drinks. The female strippers give enjoyment that permits their guests to envision their fantasies. Despite the sexy music and the enjoyment they offer, there’s always a stigma in being a female stripper.
Female strippers often feel lonely because they have no one to talk to about the problems they face inside the club. There are times that they get insulted inside the club but they need to hide how upset they really are. Yes, the other strippers are there, but most of them are facing the same problem. A stripper would do her best to focus on controlling her feelings, but sometimes, she can’t control her emotions. The resulting in a female stripper breaking down into tears, not a sexy sight. Life is sometimes hard and cruel for the female stripper.

Clubs Don’t Offer Comfort

Female strippers typically face more rude customers inside the club than their male counterparts at male reviews. This scenario is a good example: You’re serving drinks to clients, and a customer suddenly drops a drink on you. Then, the customer smirks and says “you deserve it.” As a stripper, you keep calm and ignore the customer, but you feel the pain slowly creeping under your skin.
It’s obvious that you would tell this incident to your fellow female strippers. You would hear them say to forget the incident. This is not comforting advice, most likely, you’re really upset by this rude behavior of the client. Normally you would turn to your boss, but not in the case of strippers and club owners.

People Think You’re Forced to Do It

Whether you like it or not, people would still think that you’re doing it only for money. Most of your friends would say that your beauty is wasted. You try to defend yourself that isn’t true, but they wouldn’t believe you. In time, you would hear bad words that you wouldn’t think you would hear from them. The worst part would be your friends would stay away from you.
It hurts on your part if you lose all your friends. You would think that the whole world is against you. You would also feel useless and worthless because your friends abandon you because you’re a stripper.

You’re Afraid to Talk to Your Parents

Can you imagine telling your parents about your work problems when you are a stripper? Most parents never picture their daughters to grow up and become strippers. If your parents find out you’re a stripper, the fears is them being ashamed of you are worse they could stop talking to you. It’s difficult to talk to them if you need comfort.
Sadly, mant strippers live a secret life that no one close to them ever finds out about.

Insults and Harsh Comments are Always on Your Back

An exotic dance offers people to live out secrets and fantasies that they want to be kept hidden. Therefore, when people see you shopping in the supermarket at just out in public they will look down on you like less of a person. They wouldn’t respect you as you the way you would hope they would. Yes, it’s only your job to entertain them at work, but you can’t control what goes through their mind. You could defend yourself, but it would be pointless. The people already have that you are a dirty low life.
Strippers live with this stigma every day and still have the ability to put on a smile and dance naked for their customers. They have the confidence to smile and laugh while they entertain customers and giving them a really fun time living out their fantasies, but this is just a front most of the time. Unfortunately, some strippers may feel ashamed of the career they have chosen, and at some point will make a career change. They can draw strength from themselves and continue to do the work they do best. Strippers need to be strong most of the time, and they do their best to prove it!

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