Girls night out turns into a 3some.

I am sure most of you have heard this line from your girlfriends before. “It’s girl night out”. Now for all of you suckers out there. Who believe that your girlfriend is a good girl. You think she isn’t out grabassing with her friends. You think she isn’t searching the earth for a bigger cock then yours. I am here to enlighten you. It starts off with a few sour apple martini’s. At that point it’s still all good. Then comes a few rounds of patron shots and all of a sudden. Your heterosexual girlfriend is all of a sudden a bisexual nymphomaniac. It stars off with a little girl on girl touching. Next think you know. Her friend is grabbing the cock of some dude In The VIP. It isn’t long until an all out orgi breaks out and her “girls night out” turns into a fuckfest.